Are you ruining your clothes with something you use everyday?

As the summer months are upon us, Schafer Dry Cleaning wants to ensure you are not ruining your clothes. Sweat goes hand and hand with the warm summer heat, and deodorant is always going to be the answer. Although deodorant is something that is a necessity, it can often take a toll on clothing of all kinds.

Most deodorant contains something called aluminum chloride. When you sweat it automatically mixes with your deodorant, causing stains which then causes a process of ruining your clothes. This essentially weakens the fabric, leading to rips and tears in the garment

Steps to prevent this:

  1. Choose a deodorant with lower aluminum chloride and/or a neutral PH
  2. Let your skin dry before applying deodorant
  3. Once deodorant is applied let it dry before putting on your clothes
  4. Wash your clothes often
  5. Try to keep worn clothes out of the heat (including direct sunlight and hot vehicles)


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