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Eco Friendly

  • Posted: 04/1/19

It is that time of the year again, and Schafer Dry Cleaning is looking forward to the month of April! […]

All about Wool

  • Posted: 03/19/19

When it comes to wool clothing, this is one type of fabric that can be hard to clean. After many […]

Spring Cleaning Underway

  • Posted: 03/5/19

Spring is underway and if you haven’t started your spring cleaning we are here to help. Spring cleaning can be […]

Down & Fiber filled items

  • Posted: 02/19/19

Down & Fiber filled items are a fan favorite, especially at Schafer Dry Cleaning. They are light but warm at the […]

Importance of Separating

  • Posted: 02/5/19

The importance of separating clothes before laundry is done can eliminate issues from potentially happening. There are a variety of ways […]