Color Bleeding 101

Majority of adults today have experienced color bleeding on more than one article of clothing. There is no worse feeling than ruining your favorite shirt or pair of pants because it is now stained with another color. We thought we would share some of our tricks to prevent this from happening to YOU!

Locking Colors in:

Any of these tips work, it is just about finding the one you like the best ???? Make sure to always read the label to see if it states any warnings.

  • Wash new clothing of the same color together or by itself
  • Stil concerned about loose dye?
    • Color Catchers are the answer! These sheets catch loose dye in the washer before they are transferred to your clothing.
  • Add 1 cup of vinegar or a half a cup of salt to hold in the colors.

Other Tips:

  • Wash clothes inside out to decrease fading
  • Wash clothing on delegate rather than on regular cycles
  • Don’t overstuff the washer
  • If you are drying clothes outside, remove as soon as they are dry.
    • The sun can fade clothing if it is exposed to long


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