Fur Cleaning 101

As winter is approaching, many people are starting to wear their fur garments. After being stored all season long, we encourage each of you to bring your items to Schafer Dry Cleaning. Before wearing it out on the town we want to ensure you are looking your best.



Our cleaning process at Schafer Dry Cleaning conditions the leather while also removing the dust particles from the fur. This process removes odors as well enhances the sheen of the fur. This leaves the garment looking like the day you purchased it!


In the future always be sure to store your fur in a controlled environment away from heat and humidity. You are essentially making sure your fur remains soft and fluffy. By doing this you are ensuring your furs last for a long time!


Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. Schafer services, Jackson, Chelsea, Hillsdale, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, Grass Lake, Albion, Liberty, Hanover, Jerome, Somerset and Cement City in Michigan.

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