Leather & Suede

Can you believe it is that time of the year again? We are talking about breaking out the leather and suede garments once again. We always love seeing our customers and their fashion-forward garments out on the street!


Leather is something that has to be taken care of day in and day out. The texture yet softness of a garment made out of this material is something to hold on to. Trusting your garments with Schafer Dry Cleaning will ensure your leather is taken care of and cleaned properly! Our experts also take pride in repairing leader. So instead of trying to fix it yourself, just bring it in!


Suede has made it’s comeback in recent years, taking over the fashion industry once again. Staying up to date with the trends allow us to provide services crafted to our customer’s needs. Instead of ruining your garments, bring your suede garments into our store! Again our experienced staff has the ability to not only clean it but repair it as well!


Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. Schafer services, Jackson, Chelsea, Hillsdale, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, Grass Lake, Albion, Liberty, Hanover, Jerome, Somerset and Cement City in Michigan.

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