Listen Up, Here’s Some Knowledge On Winter Coat Cleaning

In preparation for a very cold Michigan winter, we would like to grace you with some knowledge on proper winter coat cleaning. Whether it’s fur, down, wool, leather, or fleece, cleaning before storage is crucial to removing stains and odors, keeping your coats fresh for next season. Schafer Dry Cleaning has the expertise to handle your coats with care and keep them in shape.img7


Fur coats have natural oils which give them that luxurious sheen, but those oils attract dust and other air particles. Acting like a sponge, these pollutants stick to the hairs drawing out a lot of the oils. This can leave your coat looking drab and dingy as well as making the pelts brittle and tender. This can also happen in the months when you are not wearing your coat if it is improperly stored. Most fur coats should be cleaned once a year; however, if your pelts are exposed to a lot of smoke or perfumes, a second cleaning may be necessary. This should happen during the spring or summer season as you are getting ready to put coats into storage. An annual cleaning takes out those particles and removes unwanted odors. We gently remove all of those pesky particles followed by reintroducing oils to restore the perfect shine.

Coats filled with down must always be handled with care as as too much pressure care degrade and break down feathers, making your coat not only look flat but less efficient at retaining heat. Regular detergents should also not be used on down, as they dry out oils in the feathers. Two professional dry cleanings are recommended for down coats, once at the beginning of the season to freshen and fluff and once at the end of the season to remove dirt and oils.

Wool coats are another popular fashion choice that are great for winter and an investment that can last for years with proper care. We recommend two cleanings a year with wool, at the beginning and end of the season. If you spill anything on your wool coats, remember to blot, not rub, immediately. You can always gives us a call to decide how to best clean after spills, as different spills require different care. When you drop your coat off to City, make sure to request a garment bag, which will help protect your wool from moths and other insects during storage.

Leather and suede jackets look great and must always be professionally cleaned; leather contains natural oils which detergents can dry out, making your coat susceptible to tears that are nearly impossible to repair. One important tip to remember when investing in a leather jacket is to care for it the first year; waiting years to have a professional cleaning allows years to soil to build up, making dirt and stains harder to remove. Once we have your leather clean, we will reintroduce oils to keep your coat looking healthy and soft.

Fleece is a versatile choice and probably the easiest coat to care for; they do not always require a dry cleaning. If you would like to clean your own fleece, be sure to follow the care instructions, and lay flat after a wash; do not dry or hang.

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