Making the most out of your clothing

Many people are often ruining their clothes without even thinking twice about it. At Schafer Dry Cleaning, we try our very best to make sure your clothes are lasting. We want to ensure you that there is nothing worse than stained, smelly & wrinkly clothing.

Some tips from the best!

  • Store clothing with good ventilation
  • Do not store your clothing with wire hangers, they can often leave dents
  • Wash clothing with quality detergent & softners
  • Make sure to wash dark colors in cold water
  • Clean your washing machine & dryer regularly to make sure it isn’t dirty
  • Don’t overstuff the washing machine
  • If you have the option to air dry your clothing, take advantage of it
  • Never treat a stain with hot water
    • This cause the stain to set into the fabric
    • Make sure to soak stains immediately


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