Preparing for the summer months?

We all know that after this cold winter, we are ready for the warmth to come our way. With the summer months approaching, it is important to make sure your clothes are remaining in great condition!


Stains from sunscreens are something that every individual has experienced in their lifetime. Typically this type of stain leaves a yellow-ish/orange-ish stain, especially on white clothes. When your body sweats and then is mixed with the heat, this is what creates this unpleasant stain!

Treating the stain:

There are many different remedies that can treat these stains, It is just about finding the one that you like the best!

  • Laundry detergent (for oils & grease)
  • Stain Removers
  • Lemon Juice & Salt
    • Rinse the garment in cool water, squeeze lemon juice on the stain, place salt on it, sit overnight, and then wash.

Make sure to not treat these stains with bleaches, this can actually make the stain worse. 

Swimwear Care:

  • After the pool & the ocean: Chlorine can often be harsh on your swimwear, be sure to always rinse your suit with clean water after
  • Where you are sitting: Pilling is something that we want you to prevent! Be sure to watch where you are sitting, to avoid snags in your suit.
  • The Sun: If the sun is able to change the color of your skin, it is also able to change the color of your swimwear. Be careful applying certain sunscreens & bronzers because they can also have this effect.
  • Drying: Always let your swimsuit air dry. The heat from a dryer can cause your suit to wear down easier. If you want to dry it outdoors be sure to put it in the shade.


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