Services to last a life time

  • Posted: 12/17/19

As 2019 is coming to a close Schafer Dry Cleaning has made some improvements to enhance the experience for our […]


  • Posted: 12/3/19

Window treatments especially drapery is something that makes a whole room come together regardless of the setting. Many individuals don’t […]

Deodorant Stains

  • Posted: 11/19/19

Although this a topic that doesn’t seem very interesting, this is something that happens to almost every person on a […]

Washer & Dryer 101

  • Posted: 10/22/19

There is truly nothing worse than damaging clothes in the washer and dryer. From snags to burnt marks on garments, […]

It’s the season of Winter Boots

  • Posted: 10/8/19

Rather you are wearing Uggs or any type of suede boots, the seasons is vastly approaching. Slipping back into the comfy boots […]

Wedding Season 365 Days a year

  • Posted: 09/24/19

Wedding season is always underway, so being prepared is something that Schafer Dry Cleaning wants to make sure of. There […]

All about Red, White, and Blue

  • Posted: 09/10/19

The military is something that is near and dear to our hearts. This is truly something we take pride in each […]

Ink…Ink…and more Ink

  • Posted: 08/20/19

Ink stains do not mean that a person’s life is over or your article of clothing is destroyed. Ink stains can often […]

Calling all Athletes

  • Posted: 08/6/19

Being active is a part of everyone’s life in some way or another. Part of being active comes with looking […]

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