Calling all Makeup Lovers

Calling all makeup lovers this blog is just for you! As trends are emerging, makeup has become a market constantly changing to modern society. Most individuals have been faced with this predicament while putting on makeup or changing clothes. If you’re wondering what that situation is, keep reading.


Getting makeup on a favorite top or even pants can be a stressful situation for any makeup lover. That nasty ring around the collar can be a challenge many makeup wearers face every day. Below are some tips and trick to help get those unpleasant stains off your clothing.

Dish Soap

Remove with makeup stains with Dish Soap. Below are the steps to follow ⬇️

  1. Blot stain
  2. Add cold water to the stain,
  3. Rub soap in & let it set
  4. Rinse and repeat if necessary

Detergent Wipes or spray

Detergent wipes can be a good trick for removing surface stains on clothing. Rubbing the stain with these can lift the stain out quickly, leaving no residue.

Rubbing Alcohol

This can be a great solution for a wide variety of makeup products. Below are the steps to follow ⬇️

  1. Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol
  2. Apply directly to the stain, allowing the stain to be lifted from the fabric.
  3. Repeat if necessary with a new cotton ball each time


Hairspray can lift stains off easily. Spray garment with hairspray allowing it to sit then wipe with a wet cloth.


Rember that there is a wide range of different makeup brands & products. Finding a solution that works best for the product can often time be a trial and error process. If you are wanting an easier solution, bring your garment into Schafer Dry Cleaning. We have experts in our field, that treat each garment with the utmost care that enters through our front door.


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