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Services to last a life time

  • Posted: 12/17/19

As 2019 is coming to a close Schafer Dry Cleaning has made some improvements to enhance the experience for our […]


  • Posted: 12/3/19

Window treatments especially drapery is something that makes a whole room come together regardless of the setting. Many individuals don’t […]

Deodorant Stains

  • Posted: 11/19/19

Although this a topic that doesn’t seem very interesting, this is something that happens to almost every person on a […]

Gotta Love Your Pets

  • Posted: 07/23/19

Having pets in a household can oftentimes represent another member of the family. This also adds to the list of cleaning […]

All About Dad’s

  • Posted: 05/21/19

Father’s Day is right around the corner which means everyone is scrambling to find the “perfect” gift for Dad. Thinking […]

New Year, New Location

  • Posted: 01/21/19

As the new year is underway, Schafer Dry Cleaning is excited to announce their expansion to another location! The Schafer […]

Grease Stains

  • Posted: 01/8/19

Knowing how to remove stains can often times be a tricky process especially when it comes to grease stains. Rather it […]

Fur Cleaning 101

  • Posted: 12/18/18

As winter is approaching, many people are starting to wear their fur garments. After being stored all season long, we […]

Happy Holidays

  • Posted: 12/4/18

As the Holiday’s are approaching there are often times many things to get done. By planning, tasks ahead of time […]


  • Posted: 11/20/18

Every person takes pride in having a clean and well-kept house especially when company comes over. Window treatments are something that makes the […]

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