Deodorant Stains

Although this a topic that doesn’t seem very interesting, this is something that happens to almost every person on a regular basis. Below are some remedies that we have learned over the years to get those nasty stains out of your clothing!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Make sure to only use this on white clothing. The trick with this remedy is to make sure to use equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, and soak until the stain is removed.

White Vinegar

Combine two tablespoons of white vinegar to one cup of water, and place garment in solution. Allow it to soak until the stain is removed.

Lemon Juice

Use equal parts lemon juice to water and apply directly to the stain. Take a old tooth brush and scrub stain directly. Repeat until stain is removed.

Final Trick

Bring your garment to Schafer Dry Cleaning to get the stain out for good! Although these tricks do work, sometimes their are those stains that don’t want to come out. Bring it into Schafer Dry Cleaning and we will take a look at it!