Window treatments especially drapery is something that makes a whole room come together regardless of the setting. Many individuals don’t realize how dirty and dusty drapery can get over time. We are here to tell you why cleaning your drapes is so important.

Extending the life

By cleaning drapes regularly, you are essentially extending the life of your drapes while also providing that clean look. Each set of drapery needs to be cleaned a few times a year depending on each room. It not only makes them look new again but gets rid of all of the harmful things drapes can trap inside them.

Reducing Allergies

Many individuals that suffer from allergies find themselves cleaning their curtains more often. Although some drapes are not visibly dirty from a naked eye, there are often times things embedded in the curtains themselves. Curtains can trap things like pet hair, dust, and mold. By washing these regularly you are reducing the number of particles being trapped in your drapes.

Our Sanitone certified master dry cleaner gives your window treatment the cleaning they desperately need. Our experts are trained to treat each item with care regardless of the type of fabric. Try our window treatment service today!

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