Gotta Love Your Pets

Having pets in a household can oftentimes represent another member of the family. This also adds to the list of cleaning which can contain hair, stains, and odors. Tacking this list can be overwhelming at times. Designing a solution to fit our customer’s needs is something Schafer Dry Cleaning aims to do each day. Below is a list of our favorite solutions when tackling pet-related issues.



Pet Hair 

Frequent cleaning can help eliminate the build-up of pet hair from any animal. Rather it is a dog, cat, or another type of animal, a build-up of hair can cause issues. A consistent routine like washing blankets or wiping down surfaces can help eliminate buildup. Two tricks that have been learned over the years is purchasing furniture that doesn’t attract pet hair as well as wiping down molding on the floor before vacuuming. Both of these tricks can help eliminate the build-up of pet hair.

Pet Stains

Just like kids and adults, pets can cause stains in a household as well. When an accident occurs and is caught quickly, it is important to soak up the stain with a towel as much as possible. After this is done there are a variety of products that can be used including (baking soda & vinegar, baking soda & vinegar, dish soap & hydrogen peroxide, specialty products for pet stains, along with many other products).

For machine-washable items, it is important to try to get the stain out before or add baking soda to the wash. This can help prevent a stain from staining permanently. Items that are not able to be washed or are bigger items can be taken to Schafer Dry Cleaning. This will help not only get the stain out but prevent damage from occurring in the washing machine.

Pet Odors

Every pet owner has smelt the wet pet smell, especially wet dog. Tacking pet odors can be more difficult than one might think. A candle or a spray odor eliminator will only work short term. Below are a few products that Schafer Dry Cleaning recommends.

  • Pet Odor Eliminator Spray
  • Baking soda & apple cider vinegar
  • Powder carpet refresher
  • Apple cider in the wash
  • Scent boosters in the wash
  • Take items to the Dry Cleaners


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