Looking for the Perfectly Pressed Shirt?


Hello Jackson, Michigan and surrounding areas. We have a pressing issue that we wanted to share. At Schafer Dry Cleaning …we know our customers want to look perfectly pressed, and you can stop looking, because Schafer has the secret sauce. Schafer is already known in the area as the premiere laundry and dry cleaner, but we continually strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Well…we have hit the jack pot here (in exceeding expectations.) We have invested in a new state-of-the-art, kick-butt shirt press unit. This equipment is hands down the best thing that came to pressing shirts!

Schafer can guarantee that we are providing the highest quality shirt finishing service in the area. To achieve the first class finish, the first time, our new equipment offers tensioning across the shirt and collar cuff with a revolutionary design of the tensioning collar cuff press, that can even stretch shrunken center plackets back to the original shape before pressing on the shirt if need be. Lastly our unit is powerful enough to dry the sleeves, and in particular the sleeve placket, without having to press them and therefore allows for the tuck plate to correctly press the sleeve pleats, giving excellent results.

Are you excited yet?! Let’s break it down:

Stop pulling your shirt out of your dryer and heading to straight to work. Why…because you LOOK like you pulled your shirt right out of the dryer. Duh!

Stop waiting around for your ironer to heat up to then iron your own shirt and look mediocre. We’re betting our customers have attended some type of finishing school…but probably not the type of school that leads to a perfectly pressed shirt.

Start bringing your shirts to Schafer Dry Cleaning.

Our equipment and expertise leads us to be the “best dressed” in the marketplace. Our industry leading technology, renowned reliability and superb finishing quality allows our customers to be perfectly pressed.

If you have not given our shirt service a try, we are now offering to new customers or customers that have not tried our shirt service, 2 shirts at no cost. You read that right! Let us give you a perfectly pressed shirt(s), at no charge.

Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. Schafer services, Jackson, Chelsea, Hillsdale, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, Grass Lake, Albion, Liberty, Hanover, Jerome, Somerset and Cement City in Michigan.

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