Price vs. Convenience for Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

priceconvienceBlogSchaferEarlier this year we read a Letter to the Editor in our newspaper from a local resident complaining about prices being so high in the dry cleaning industry. He felt in general the service was too expensive. Today we will discuss why using our dry cleaning and laundry services are at the right price and wicked convenient for our customers.

Schafer Dry Cleaning is known as the premier cleaner in Jackson, Michigan. In fact, we can comfortably say in Southern Michigan. We can back that up with three generations deep in a family business, being in business for over 110 years; and we are the only certified master dry cleaner in the area. The true question here is the discussion of Price vs. Convenience.

What is the difference between Price vs. Convenience?


•What is your time worth to you? We are all busy these days. As you get older, you notice that your time is becoming more and more valuable to you. We are all looking for ways to get more done in less time.

•If you currently do not use a dry cleaning or laundry service, how much time do you spend cleaning items, and finishing them? We have yet to meet someone who can finish a men’s cotton shirt in under 15 minutes and look as professional as our finish (if you can – we would consider offering you a position!)

•How much time do you spend driving back and forth doing errands each day? How many of those errands are actually necessary? There are small ways to organize your life so you can enjoy more of what you like and experience less of what you don’t. Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free pick-up and delivery service to your home or office.

Most of us have full times jobs right? No matter what the job title is…CEO of household or CEO of Company ABC, none of us want to be the CEO of laundry. Nor do you have the time. How much time do you spend doing laundry? Folding, sorting, and then discovering that you missed a stain, or worse, your daughter somehow snuck a crayon in your load, or a lipstick, and all is ruined! What if you could automate this task? How much would it be worth? We would reason that the time and gas would make the service worth a minimum of $25 per week – stop the insanity!!!

Peace of Mind

When you want the best care for your precious garments, visit Schafer Dry Cleaning. Our best in class care specialists clean & finish garments using specialized cleaning methods to ensure your items receive the detailed attention they deserve. City’s services are custom tailored to your needs, providing the ultimate convenience.

•You’ll know what to expect when you use our service. Our work has a satisfaction guarantee.

•The finished product will make you look good. Your clothes will be clean, and wrinkle free – Showing your style and personality instead of a loose seam, discoloration or last week’s lunch. Missing buttons are another standard problem – replacing a button can take longer than finishing a shirt! Who has a needle and thread these days anyway?

•What percentage of the clothes you clean yourself had stains or other damage after cleaning that made them unusable? Or more common these days, embellishments (like wood beads, sequins) that bled or were damaged?

•Dry cleaned garments last longer. Water is the most aggressive solvent there is, even more so than traditional dry cleaning solvent. Did you know that a dry cleaned shirt will have a life at least twice as long as a hand washed shirt? The colors will last better and with dry cleaning you can clean more often to protect the garment from perspiration (a silk killer), sun damage, fume fading etc.!

•We package garments just right. From the proper hanger, to the tissue in your sweater or sleeves, to the bags for garments that you don’t wear often, we have you covered. Literally.

This blog began as an explanation of why the right dry cleaner is often a better choice even when they are a little more expensive than the alternative. It is true – the cost of ruined clothing can be expensive AND (even more importantly) stressful.

The right dry cleaner/ laundry will save you time and money – both the kind you can quantify like we did above, and also in ways you will never know – because that’s what we do. We provide a convenient service that appears effortless to the consumer – that in reality takes experience and intense attention to detail.

The way we see it, you cannot afford to not use our service. If we haven’t convinced you, check out this short informative, yet equally funny video! Don’t look like the walking dead.

Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. Schafer services Jackson, Chelsea, Hillsdale, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, Grass Lake, Albion, Liberty, Hanover, Jerome, Somerset, and Cement City in Michigan.

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