HOW TO: Take Care of your Area Rugs!


Area rugs can be a pain to keep clean, especially this time of year when kids and pets are in and out of the house tracking in dirt, mud, water, etc. Often times cleaning every aspect of your floor includes only the carpet, while rugs are overlooked. Once dirt gets into an area rug, it’s a challenge to remove it without the proper tools and procedures. We have the tools and expertise to help your rugs look presentable all year! Here’s our helpful tips on how it’s done:

  • Vacuum rug on BOTH sides if it’s reversible. This should be done regularly to make sure dirt doesn’t completely set in and stain the rug. Your rug can be ruined prematurely if grit and grime are left in it for too long.
  • Flip reversible rugs multiple times each year. This is to not let overexposure to sun or light fade the rug and heavy foot traffic wear out one side unevenly. If the rug isn’t reversible, think about rearranging rugs around your house to prevent uneven wearing out.
  • Brush out anything the vacuum can’t pick up. Hair and other unnatural occurring grime in the rug will most likely not be picked up by a vacuum, but will come out with proper brushing.
  • Make sure everyone removes their shoes or dirty socks before walking around the house. This is the easiest way to keep your rugs looking new!
  • Use our professional deep-cleaning service! Let us take care of your rugs and allow you to not worry about following all of those steps listed above. Our experienced staff will make sure your rugs look good as new, and you’ll be glad you used our services!

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