Washer & Dryer 101

There is truly nothing worse than damaging clothes in the washer and dryer. From snags to burnt marks on garments, we have all been there. Read below to find a few tricks we have learned over the years. ⬇️


Washers and Dryers can build up a residue composed of things like mold, lint, and mildew. Cleaning washers and dryers can help to ensure your garments are not ruined.

Tips & Tricks

  • One trick is to run a cycle in the washer without any clothes. Adding bleach to the wash with hot water can ensure mold and mildew are removed.
  • Leave the washer door open, to air out and dry after a wash.
  • Wipe down rubber seal on the washer and dryer where build up can occur.
  • Remove lint from the dryer regularly preventing lint on clothes and possibility of fires.


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