Wedding Gown Preservation


Picking out a wedding gown can be one of the most exciting part of a bride’s journey. As such, many brides want to take the best care of their gowns before, during, and after the wedding day. Once you have chosen a dress, Schafer Dry Cleaning will give your beautiful gown the award-winning care it deserves.

Before your big day, we offer a free consultation and an estimate for the care of your gown, including preparing your dress so you look your best on your wedding day. Whether we prepare your gown the day of your wedding or have it shipped to your destination, we press the gown with meticulous care, stuffing with a bodice form and tissue to keep your dress wrinkle-free.

After the ceremony and reception, your gown has been through a lot; being exposed to foundation, perfumes, hair spray, sweat, food, and more, these stains will eventually turn into ugly blemishes on your dream dress. As Certified Master Dry Cleaning Specialists™, you can trust us to carefully hand clean your gown, using gentle chemicals to dissolve any stains. After removing stains, your wedding gown is rinsed in pure solvent until it is completely clean and bright. Schaffer cleans your gown following standard museum-quality practices to gently restore your gown. We go the extra mile to preserve your gown as an heirloom by hand inspecting every trim, bead, sequence, and layer to clean and then carefully layer with acid-free tissue before folding into an acid-free, archival-quality chest to protect the gown from light and other damaging elements. Adding no chemicals, our preservation process is carbon-neutral, and keepsake boxes are sealed to block out insects and air, and have a viewing window so you can display your gown. You can also inspect your gown before we seal the archival boxes, guaranteeing our highest standards.  

We know that your wedding dress is not the only important gown in your life. Schaffer will clean vintage gowns, baptismal gowns, or any special occasion gown by restoring their true color while protecting all of the delicate beads and lace. Our archival process of cleaning and storage are a great way to protect and memorialize all of your special gowns.

Contact us to day for your fee consultation for your wedding gown cleaning and preservation!