Wedding Season 365 Days a year

Wedding season is always underway, so being prepared is something that Schafer Dry Cleaning wants to make sure of. There are countless steps that go into planning a wedding, and this is one of them. A wedding gown is only worn one day but cherished for a lifetime. Ensuring it is handled properly is what Schafer Dry Cleaning is here to do.



Schafer Dry Cleaning offers many services to meet our customer’s needs. Wedding gown cleaning & preservation is something that Schafer Dry Cleaning proudly offers. This service is something that is always at a demand and an all-time high. Our experts have tested and found the perfect process for these delicate gowns. Below are the steps we follow to ensure the best quality for our customers.

  • The gown is cleaned from top to bottom ensuring stains do not remain on the dress.
  • The gown is placed in our Museum Style storage.
  • The dress is then carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box and shrink wrapped. This allows for viewing at any time while also protecting against insect damage and any oxidation.
  • Finally, the inner box is encased in a durable storage chest with a handle for added protection and convenience.


For decades brides have trusted our experts, so what are you waiting for?


Schafer Dry Cleaning offers free Pick Up and Delivery Service to your home or office. Schafer services, Jackson, Chelsea, Hillsdale, Napoleon, Brooklyn, Michigan Center, Grass Lake, Albion, Liberty, Hanover, Jerome, Somerset and Cement City in Michigan.

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